Last night’s life drawing class

At last night’s class we were supposed to be continuing the paintings that we’d started the previous week, but unfortunately the model couldn’t make it. So it was back to charcoal drawing in the meantime, wit a different model who the Art School recruited at the last minute. I managed 3 drawings over the 2 hours – the first two were 15 – 20 minute poses, and the 3rd was 1 hour (I actually think that one was the least successful). My aim with these was to see the image as blocks of tone, and model the form as such, rather than construct the image with lines and then render light and shade afterwards.

Standing nude - charcoal on paper

Seated nude – charcoal on paper
Reclining nude – charcoal on paper


* UPDATE – I’ve figured out what was bothering me about the reclining pose – the left leg was just shifted down a bit on the page, and should have looked more like this:


~ by cdrfuzz on January 19, 2012.

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