Self Portrait – Oils

I painted this yesterday, using my new easel lamp (full spectrum lamp that clamps on to your easel, allowing you to paint without daylight). This is about 5 or 6 hours work. I might do some tinkering with it later – something’s up with the nose and mouth, and the background and neck/shoulders look a bit flat.

Self portrait - oil on canvas board

I also took this series of pics over the first few hours of working on it to show the process I use. There’s no under-drawing: I start off using thin paint and try to block in the basic shapes and colours, then I use thicker paint as I start to refine the image later on.


~ by cdrfuzz on January 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Self Portrait – Oils”

  1. nice, really like that you included the stages from start to finish…good work dude

  2. […] This little self portrait has gone horribly awry. After making some promising adjustments last week, I returned to it at the weekend to make a few “finishing touches” in order to get it ready for submissions day at the Mitchell Library for the Royal Glasgow Institute show on Monday. What followed was five days of painting, re-painting, washing back, scraping out and generally making an utter tits of the thing until it looked like this: […]

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