MacKenzies old and young (ish)

Here’s a pastel drawing of my dad, looking less than impressed with proceedings, done whilst on holiday in France earlier this year:




And an oil painting of his nephew, my cousin Cos, done a month or two later:



I’ve also been tinkering with this thing from a while ago, and will be ready to call it finished soon:



~ by cdrfuzz on August 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “MacKenzies old and young (ish)”

  1. As ever, I’m pretty much in awe of your artistic ability – really great stuff, Lew!

    • Thanks Ross. Been meaning to ask you – have you ever shot artwork for websites, etc? My photographic skills/equipment aren’t up to much…

  2. that’s a great one of Dad, never saw it when we on the holiday

    • Thanks si, thought I’d shown it to you. It was when we went out for the day in Dole, while we were waiting for the restaurant to open – you were holed-up in the house with your ailment 😉

  3. Keep tinkering with that self portrait to age it and see if it has a Dorian Gray style effect on you Lewis 😉

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