Daemons, daemons

This little self portrait has gone horribly awry. After making some promising adjustments last week, I returned to it at the weekend to make a few “finishing touches” in order to get it ready for submissions day at the Mitchell Library for the Royal Glasgow Institute show on Monday. What followed was five days of painting, re-painting, washing back, scraping out and generally making an utter tits of the thing until it looked like this:

Which is bloody awful in my view. The colour harmonies no longer harmonise, the drawing is wonky as hell (try flipping the image horizontally in a photo editor to see just how wonky) and the brush work is all fluffy and naff-looking. I hate fluffy brush work. Renoir’s brush work is uber-fluffy. I hate Renoir. Monet’s little paint daubs were all different shapes to suit whatever he was painting, Renoir’s were all like little puffs of cotton wool. Everything in his paintings looks like it’s made out of candy floss.

But enough Renoir-hate, the real object of my disdain today is the above painting, which I now feel is beyond saving. This kind of experience is very demoralising, especially when you’ve been quite happy with a piece at an earlier stage of realisation. The only real way to exorcise the daemons in these situations is to start a brand new painting and make sure you don’t make an arse of it, to wit – last night’s effort (rubbish photo, sorry):

Ok, it doesn’t look that much like me, and it’s maybe a bit orange, but overall I think it’s… decent. It’s no Rembrandt, but hey. Anyway, if it’s dry by Monday I will see about getting it framed and submitted to the RGI. Fingers crossed.


~ by cdrfuzz on August 17, 2012.

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