Biannual Update Day…

First post of the year in late April. Go Team Lew.

Anyway, a few bits and pieces to mention. First of all, as most of my friends already know, I had some pretty awesome news in March, when the portrait of my mum that was rejected by the RSA was accepted into the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP) annual exhibition instead.  The RP show runs from the 9th to the 24th of May at The Mall Galleries in London and will feature over 200 portraits by some of the best portrait artists in the country and beyond. That means that my portrait will be hanging alongside some really tremendous artists, which is quite an honour for a lowly amateur such as myself. If you’re in London while it’s open, please do pop in and have a look – the admission costs are extremely reasonable, and you’ll also get to see the finalists of  the RP’s new self-portrait competition – “SELF”. I entered a piece into the SELF comp (see below), but it was knocked back. Not really too upset about that though, all things considered.

Anyway, here’s mammy (again), followed by the above mentioned selfie:



The self portrait is actually really small – 16″ x 8″.  Despite it being pretty simple, I spent ages on it. I really struggled getting posture right and started with a drawing, which I scrapped and restarted four or five times before I had something that I thought was reasonably ok. I then transferred that to the panel and painted over it, which is something I haven’t done before and probably wouldn’t do again as I barely stuck to the drawing at all. I think I ended up repainting the head about four times, and actually took a bit of a gouge out of the gesso when scraping back a bit too zealously after the third. I am starting to get a bit more consistency in my work, but scrapping things and starting over is a sometimes depressingly regular occurrence with me. One problem is that I am not painting regularly enough though, and I’m not getting enough practice with a variety of sitters, so I’ve decided to exploit my friends as a resource by demanding that that they let me come to their homes and paint them, in single 3 – 4 hour sessions. I have already claimed one victim, and have contacted a second but the rest of my Glasgow homies should be prepared for a call. You know who you are…

Anyway here’s the first one.  If you don’t know him you may recognise him as the Bull-mounted puffin-whisperer from last post. Mr. Alan Flynn (oil on canvas, 12″ x 10″) :


This was about three and a half hours work and it’s… not too bad, actually! The likeness is certainly pretty good, even if the expression looks a bit miserable. The face is a bit ruddy though, and I think I should have kept the lights a bit cooler. There is a cool halftone on his right cheek (our left) which looks a bit out of place, but mainly I think because the rest of the lights are too warm. I also think the forehead looks over-modeled and a bit dirty. Obviously the collar area is not well realised as the light was failing when I came to paint it, so I need to get quicker as well as better at drawing, colouring, paint handling, etc., so that I don’t end up leaving shabby bits like that in the future.

Next on the list is a certain Mr. Kellock, who I’m looking forward immensely to painting. Anyone out there want to volunteer?

Finally, here’s a charcoal drawing of my older brother, Innes:


There are some issues with this one as well. The lightest point on the right cheek looks too light, the left cheek looks a wee bit dirty, the bridge of the nose is a bit clumsily modeled and the left eye could have done with some more work. I’m also not too happy with the drawing under the bottom lip. But it does look like him!

Well that’s it for now – see you in another 5 months!


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