All the Young n00dz

I’ve said it before, but I am going to try and make more of an effort to update this blog regularly. You’re laughing but it’s true. I am. And in that spirit, here I am posting an update to the blog.

I went to a life drawing session in a bar/club today. It’s called “All the Young Nudes” and it’s held every Tuesday in The Flying Duck on Renfield Street. It’s £4 entry for 2 hours and they have a number of models. I had a lot of fun and managed to crank out a couple of half decent figure sketches. The poses were all pretty short – three 10 minute poses, then a half hour pose, a 20 minute break and then two 20 minute poses with a new model. Being in a bar, the lighting was not ideal for drawing, but was passable and at that price, who’s complaining. £4 for two hours means weekly life-drawing for £16 a month, which is only 1.6 times what I’ve paid at every other life drawing group I’ve been to in the city for a single session. That’s awesome, and since I really need to do more life drawing, I will definitely be going again. So by way of a review I offer this list of pros and cons for All the Young Nudes, for anyone in Glasgow who’s looking for somewhere to do life drawing:


  • Variety of good models, who can hold a pose well
  • Strong uni-directional lighting on the models
  • £4 entry!
  • Cracking tunes
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Access to whisky while you draw


  • Not always great light on your drawing surface
  • Not many seats – I was standing the whole time (but I’m hardcore like that)
  • No room for an easel
  • Would’ve been nice to have a longer pose or two
  • Access to whisky while you draw

So here’s (some of) what I produced. I spent the evening trying to draw like Mark Tennant. I failed miserably, but that’s not so bad as Mark Tennant draws so well you can fail miserably to match him and still come up with something pretty decent. These are OK. The 30 minute one is the best, in my view, the second of the 20 minute ones is the weakest. All the usual apologies about the poor quality of the photos, etc.

10 minutes

10 minutes

30 min

30 minutes

20 minutes

20 minutes

20 minutes


~ by cdrfuzz on April 23, 2013.

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