Kelvingrove Marble

Didn’t work on the Macgillivray study today, but did go down to the Kelvingrove again and produced this charcoal drawing of a marble bust. I was a little bit disappointed with the outcome, but not too unhappy. I didn’t get started until lunchtime, I spent forever on the little schematic in the lower left and then ended up rushing the full scale block in and moving on too quickly to the render. I think I’ll return to this bust (though not this drawing) in the future. Obviously, I’ll need to spend more time getting the drawing more accurate, but the real struggle will be to get the reflected lights right in the shadow areas, whilst maintaining a bold statement of light and shade. they are very subtle and complicated further because there are multiple light sources illuminating this statue. But I am really going to try to nail it next time.


marble 1


~ by cdrfuzz on May 3, 2013.

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