Florence update

A quick update at the beginning of week three in Florence. Last week we finished our value studies and got back to work on our large paintings. I’ve found it a bit of a struggle to be honest – as the conditions outside the studio change, so too does the spectral content of the light and therefore the colours visible on the model. The result is that you are often chasing colour harmonies around from day to day, as the light shifts from cooler to warmer and back again. Not that I’m blaming the weather. At the moment, my tones look pretty disunited, and I am going to have to work hard this week to nail the big look.


finished value study


Full size painting, after some scraping. Eeesh.

In the afternoons I’ve been working a bit on my cast drawing, and I’ve been trying my hand at some more plein air painting in the evenings. I forgot how hard that is. The more I try it, the more I have respect for landscape painters. The trick (I think) is in picking out the really salient stuff, to give the broad impression of nature, without getting caught up in inconsequential detail. That’s a lot easier said than done though. Dare I say there is an “art” to it, ha ha. I’m not bad at leaving stuff out, but not so great at picking the right things to put in.


cast drawing progress - lots of corrections needed


View from San Miniato


View down the Arno


view of the Duomo

Anyhoo, more later.


~ by cdrfuzz on July 14, 2014.

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