Master Copies

I figured I would pump out a wee blog post, as I haven’t done one for ages and I do want to keep this blog alive, even if it may not seem that way to casual observers. I’ve been struggling a bit recently with a commission and it’s been sort of depressing, painting and repainting and losing the rag and DESTROTING EVERYTHING and starting again and again and again. It’s eating up most of my time and I don’t have very much new or exciting to show so I thought I would throw up some copies of paintings by proper artists that I’ve done as learning exercises at various times.  Copying great works is a fantastic way to learn, especially if you make the effort to replicate the artist’s approach, analysing the way the colour is applied and trying to recreate the process. It’s like having the artist standing beside you as you paint, taking you through the process step by step.

I’m a big fan of the loose, brushy style of artists like Velásquez and Sargent so those are the painters I’ve spent time copying. Below are copies of “Head of a Capri Girl” (Sargent), the head from Velásquez’s “Aesop”, Sargent’s “Bedouin Arab” and a charcoal portrait of the author Kenneth Grahame, also by Sargent.

capri aesop

sargent beduoin arab



~ by cdrfuzz on March 30, 2015.

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