Working from Old Photographs.

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I thought I’d share a few portraits I’ve done from other peoples’ photographs. I usually prefer to work from life wherever possible, or my own photographs when it isn’t, but there are situations where that isn’t practical or possible. Surprise Christmas presents for example (cough) aren’t much of a surprise if you have to get the “surprisee” to sit for them. Likewise, posthumous portraits obviously have to be done from existing source material. Often, people commission a painting from old photographs to celebrate precious memories that they’ve caught on camera. Whilst I still think that the best results are achieved when working from life or from original photographic source material, painting from clients’ own photographs can still produce good results.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait from one of your old photographs, please get in touch via my website, email me at:, or hit me up on Twitter. Have a look at my guide to commissioning a portrait for more information.








More work for sale on my website

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I have few more pieces available to buy on my site, so please do go and have a look. The first is a landscape painting of the stream that runs through my uncle’s old farm. My uncle died in 2013 and the farm was sold recently, so this painting holds some significance for me. It was started ages ago, and just finished off the other day from a photograph. Click on the image to go to the shop page.


In keeping with the affordable art theme from last time, I also have a couple of very small paintings for sale for under £100 (WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEA DON’T YOU THINK?). A teeny-tiny little landscape and an incy-wincy little nude (again, images are clickable:




And finally, this caricature of Jim Murphy, from last year. On sale until Kezia Dugdale is replaced as leader of Scottish Labour:


Affordable Art

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As someone who creates (or at least attempts to create) art for a living, yet never has the money to actually buy any, the idea of making work that’s within the price range of your average garret-dweller is something that I’ve often thought about, but never really made a concerted effort to do. Which is not to say that I generally sell my work at prohibitively high prices – I think they’re pretty reasonable, at least by the standards of the local market – but £300 – £400 is still not an inconsiderable sum of money, especially with the pound tanking and food prices on the rise, etc. So over the next couple of weeks I’m planning to produce a series of unframed, small paintings and simple studies, on paper or daler-board, which are all going to be for sale on my shop for less than £100. Just in time for Christmas too (I know, sorry). I haven’t yet made a start on these, but I will post updates here as and when they become available, as well as via my Twitter page. In the meantime, I’ve put a couple of old landscape studies up, so why not have a look (click on the images to go to the product page):



I’ve opened an online store

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With gallery sales being incredibly sluggish and my bank showing no signs of charitably letting me off with the rest of my mortgage, I’ve decided to try my hand at e-commerce, and set up an online shop on my website. You can visit it at the link below:

I think I’ve priced things pretty competitively, which means I’ll take a bit of a hit on gallery sales after they deduct their commission (you can’t sell stuff cheap online and expect to charge higher prices through galleries – that’s called “biting the hand that feeds you”) but I can live with that. I’ve sold a couple of pieces already, but there’s still stuff up there and I hope to add more stock soon. Please do go and have a gander and, even better, maybe even buy something!






“Smile and the Whole World Smiles with You”


“Farm Buildings, Urquhart”

Prints & Posters

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Folks! I have some prints for sale on Saatchi Art –

Not all the pieces are available as prints, as I don’t have large enough photographs of them, but a few are and would no doubt make WONDERFUL Christmas presents. They’re also pretty well priced, as they’re open edition and unsigned.

Go and have a swatch and don’t be afraid to splash the cash. Please.

radish sundae card


If something more low-brow is your thing, I have also made some of my illustrations from the Scottish referendum into posters, which are available on Zazzle. The link is


Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition and Leiper Fine Art Early Summer Show

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I have work showing in a couple of exhibitions at the moment- The Paisley Art Insitute’s (PAI) 127th Annual Exhibition at the Paisley Museum and Art Gallery; and the Early Summer Show at the Leiper Fine Art Gallery on West George Street in Glasgow.

The PAI show is on until the 28th of June and there is a huge amount of work on show. I will have to go back and have a proper look, as it was impossible to take it all in on the opening night. I think I must have been just about the last person to submit work, arriving as I did about ten minutes before the end of the receiving day. I was all the more delighted, therefore, to have won the top prize – The Arnold Clark Award – for my painting “Heather” (below). I’ve had work accepted into a couple of quite prestigious open exhibitions before, but this is the first time I’ve ever won an award for my work, so I was, and still am, shocked, amazed and over the moon.

Heather, Oil on canvas, 100cm x 50cm

Heather, Oil on canvas, 100cm x 50cm

The other show, though on a much smaller scale, is definitely just as worthy of attention. Ewan and Niall at Leiper have managed to pull together a real gem of an exhibition with works from an extraordinary variety of artists, with a diverse range of styles and subject matter. There really is something for everyone -from realism to abstraction and everything in between – and the eclecticism of the show is what really makes it work, in my opinion. Have a look at the names on the flyer at the bottom of this post for an idea of the range of what’s on offer. I have three small still life paintings hanging, which you can see below:

Walnut & Shammy Cloth, 10cm x 6cm, Oil on Canvas

Walnut & Shammy Cloth, 10cm x 6cm, Oil on Canvas

strange child web

Strange Child, 24cm x 18cm, Oil on board

eggs and bowl

Bowl with Eggs, 18cm x 12.5cm, Oil on board

Here’s the flyer for the show at Leiper, please do go and have a look around if you’re in Glasgow. It’s a beautiful space, Ewan and Niall are lovely chaps and you are bound to see something you like. Trust me.

early summer show

General Election Cartoon Show

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It’s general election time folks! If you live in the UK, I’m sure you’re just as sick as I am of the media circus, the claims and counter claims and the never-ending TV debates. But if there’s one good thing to come out of the whole tiresome spectacle it must be the GE2015 Cartoon Show at Lieper Fine Art Gallery in Glasgow.

The show features politically themed cartoonery from all across the political spectrum, including works by Chris Cairns, Iain Green, Greg Moodie, Terry Anderson, Gary Barker, Steve Bright, Lorna Miller and myself – many of them original pieces for sale at EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICES. So why not go down and have a look, take in some toons and perhaps SPEND SOME MONEY, instead of watching the media spin a story out of Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard bawing over some shouty fuds heckling them in front of the subway station.

The show runs until the 11th of May and is open Tuesday to Friday, from 11am – 5pm and Saturday/Sunday 12pm – 5pm.

Here’s my piece, “Murph Machine” which is, again, VERY REASONABLY PRICED (sorry about the naff photo):


Master Copies

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I figured I would pump out a wee blog post, as I haven’t done one for ages and I do want to keep this blog alive, even if it may not seem that way to casual observers. I’ve been struggling a bit recently with a commission and it’s been sort of depressing, painting and repainting and losing the rag and DESTROTING EVERYTHING and starting again and again and again. It’s eating up most of my time and I don’t have very much new or exciting to show so I thought I would throw up some copies of paintings by proper artists that I’ve done as learning exercises at various times.  Copying great works is a fantastic way to learn, especially if you make the effort to replicate the artist’s approach, analysing the way the colour is applied and trying to recreate the process. It’s like having the artist standing beside you as you paint, taking you through the process step by step.

I’m a big fan of the loose, brushy style of artists like Velásquez and Sargent so those are the painters I’ve spent time copying. Below are copies of “Head of a Capri Girl” (Sargent), the head from Velásquez’s “Aesop”, Sargent’s “Bedouin Arab” and a charcoal portrait of the author Kenneth Grahame, also by Sargent.

capri aesop

sargent beduoin arab


Some small landscape sketches from France

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These are all little – about 12 x 16cm I think.

afternoon light chateaux morning trees sign post

The Auld Acquaintance

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I should have posted this a while ago, but I have some digital illustration work showing in an exhibition of Scottish Independence referendum-related cartoons showing until the 19th of September. The show has two iterations – one in Glasgow at the Leiper Fine Art Gallery on West George Street and the other at the Guardian News & Media Gallery, Kings Place, London. The show features lots of great work by cartoonists and caricaturists from all over the world, so please go and have a look. It’s been put on by The Scottish Cartoon Art Studio to commemorate their 15th anniversary, and I’m extremely grateful to Terry Anderson for inviting me to enter work after he spotted some of my stuff on Twitter. You can find more info on their website, here:

Here are my entries, see if you can figure out which side of the debate/history I’m on 😉